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My 11 practical tips to make your article stand out

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My 11 practical tips to make your article stand out:

1. Embed tweets from the experts. You can use Twitter Search to find.

2. Make use of screenshots, GIF and videos in the article. (Use Free for Screenshots, free GIF recorder, free for video recording - I use Camtasia 2018)

3. Make good use of H1, H2, and H3 to format your article like a pro. If you print it out in hard copy, people can't resist reading it.

4. Use a lot of bullet points.

5. Make use of free Short Code Ultimate plugin to make the content appealing to users. I mean to use this plugin

6. The killing intro that shows the users, yes, I know your problem.

7. Not a single paragraph more than 3 to 4 sentences.

8. Having a table of content if the article is more than 1000 words.

9. Featured image should be according to the culture of the country. Use to pick the pictures without any credit issue.

|| Stock image of the USA girl will give an unpleasant impression to Pakistani people. ||

10. Say user to comment at the end of the article, what did you like about it

11. Make infographics with, 5+ templates free.


Credit: M Aamir Mursleen

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