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3 Things To Do When Your Blog is Failing to Bring Traffic

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1. Focus on Learning:

Many people say they know everything about SEO, marketing and traffic.

Such an attitude makes them stop learning.

There is always something that you don't know about the art of bringing traffic.

I say to read at least 100 articles and 100 videos about getting traffic to get some success

2. Focus on multiple sources of traffic:

Until people don't know about your blog, how would they visit?

You can use Quora, Reddit or Facebook to bring the traffic.

Branding your blog on the initial stage helps to rank your site.

Also, many sources of traffic help to generate more revenue.

3. Audit Your Blog:

Track your keywords, know the real reasons why the positions of the keywords dropped.

Analyze your competitors on your given keyword.

Once you know, they have done something great like more backlinks and more content, then, do better than your competitors.

Also don't forget to check the position of your keywords in Google Console, if the position of your keywords is same, don't worry then!

Because people have stopped searching for that term.

- M Aamir Mursleen

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