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How to Open Unity Bank Account Online in Nigeria

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Unity Bank is a large financial services provider in Nigeria. Headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria's capital, Unity Bank also maintains an operations base on Victoria Island, in Lagos, Nigeria's commercial capital. As of December 2012, the bank's total assets were valued at about US$2.45 billion (NGN:396 billion), with shareholders' equity of approximately US$322 million (NGN:51.5 billion).
In January 2006, nine financial institutions with expertise in corporate banking, retail banking, as well as investment banking, came together to form Unity Bank plc.

The stress we pass through before going to the bank and also standing on the queue before been attended to is one of the main reason every bank now make it possible for online account opening very easy.
Below are the Procedures in opening a unique savings account with unity bank Nigeria from the comfort of your Home right from your Mobile and PC,.

Click on continue. to proceed.

2. Now click and Yes to accept to input Your BVN number, and click next.
After clicking on Next you will receive An eight digit secured token has been sent to the mobile number registered to your BVN, Kindly input the token in the Box and click Submit to proceed.

3. Now fill in the details Properly and Submit.
 After Receiving A thank you message for opening account with Unity bank, You will receive your Account Number within Few Mins of Opening the account online.

Thats all you need to get a valid Saving Account with Unity Bank Of Nigeria.

Did you encounter Any problem in the process of singing up? Contact Unity Bank Customer service support via email or call them on  07057323225

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