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How To Get a Free Virtual Credit Card in Nigeria

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Those that are into internet marketing Know the uses and the importance of a Virtual credit card (VCC),  Virtual Credit Card is a prepaid credit card which can also be referred to as a debit card because there’s no credit facility on it actually. it is Mostly use for online purchases of goods and services, paying for a subscription site, and lots more, In this post i will reveal how to get a free Virtual credit card which works on most popular sites especially Google Adwords .
 The main importance of Virtual Credit Card is for one time payment either to test the service of a particular website offering a service and don't wish to use your personal credit card, and also you can only use not more than the amount been loaded on the card.

Without wasting much time below are the steps to follow in getting a valid free virtual  credit card alongside with screenshot for easy understanding.

STEP 1:  Visit YANDEX MONEY and Click on Start Wallet.

STEP 2: Fill in your desired details or you can signup with your social media accounts or your google account.
Note: In the phone number gap, you need a virtual phone number to verify the account and also you Card CVV and Expiry Details Will be sent as an SMS to the Phone number you used to register, I used a USA phone number.

STEP 3: Now your Account has been Created and we will be heading straight to get our free virtual credit Card, Now you will have to Click on BANK CARDS at the top left sidebar, and scroll down and you will see Virtual yandex Money card for free. See Pics Below:
Now click on learn more and you will see some thing like the screenshot below: 
Now Click On Get a Card, then Click on GET A NEW PASSWORD, you will receive a code Input it and click on Proceed.

STEP 4: Now Our Virtual Credit Card is ready.

Note: Your Date of Expiry and your Card CVV was sent as an SMS to the mobile number you registered with.

That is the steps in owning a virtual credit card for free.

Face any Problem or you want me to to help you out? Contact me on Whatsapp HERE 

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