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7 Easy Tricks to Write Catchy Headlines

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What is that one thing that attracts people to your blog post?
Of course your titles aka the headlines.

Your headlines are the first impression on your readers.

Your title is something that either makes readers stick to your blog post, or switch to another website ( preferably with more attractive deadlines).

According to Copyblogger 80% of your visitors will read your headline, but only 20% will actually finish the article till the end.

A great headline can have a game changing impact. Hence, writing catchy headlines is crucial and that's why I emphasize on investing good time on creating compelling headlines.

Suppose you have written epic content, but your headlines are somewhat boring and unattractive.

What will happen?

In this particular case, if your competitor's have done their home work well (in terms of creating attractive headlines) they will win. And you will lose the game, even though you have the most well researched, authentic content out there.

Therefore, I would highly recommend you to spend 50% of your time writing great content, and another 50% writing your intro and headlines.

Following are a few tips that might come in handy.

1. Write relevant headlines (they should match your theme)

2. Use numbers and make them odd numbers if you can (since odd numbers are seen to be more authentic). Use a number instead of a word, as it has been observed a numeral perform better than a word.

3. Give a logic reasoning to demonstrate what the reader will get out of the article. (Yes, bribe them a little).

Some common rationale you can include in your article are

- tricks
- reasons
- lessons
- hacks
- principles
- secrets
- strategies
- lessons
- facts.

For instance,

- 5 Tips to write Blog posts like a Pro

- 7 lessons I learnt as a 3 year old blogger.

- 3 secrets to steal your competitor's traffic.

- 11 secrets to write blog headlines like a Pro.

4. Write a unique headline, not something that has been overly used by other blogs, and hence, doesn't ring a bell to readers.

5. Write an extremely specific.

For instance,

- The step to step guide to writing blog post FOR BEGINNERS.

- 5 easy steps to write a blog post in 3O MINUTES.

The above capitalized phrases are a perfect example of ultra specific headlines. These are specific and directed towards a particular audience/goal.

- Use trigger words such as what, why, how, when, now, fast.

- Your headline should have a sense of urgency that makes the readers not want to miss out on your content and click.

For e.g,

- 8 blogging mistakes that cost me, how many are you making?

- The simplest way to make a 6 figure income as a marketer.

- The one thing that no marketer just going to tell you.

6. Use this simple headline writing formula,

Number or Tigger word + relevant adjective + keyword + promise.

7. Give them an incentive, a bribe or dare to read your article through your headline.

Be bold, be dangerous, be seductive (so that they can't resist the urge to click), and deliver what you promised.

Once you are successful in making a visitor click to your link (due to your catchy headlines), half of your battle is won already, now the promising content you write will take care of another 50%.

Hope you found the information useful.Happy writing, and happy blogging, cheers!

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