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Latest method to get maxbounty account approved

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Maxbounty if not the best is one of the top rated CPA network, mostly everybody face one problem or the in getting their account approved, but with this method below I guarantee you 85% assurance of approval.

First of all, Please keep in mind that Maxbounty will never approve your account until they have you on the phone. Yes a phone interview is MUST in order to get approved on maxbounty. Once you submit the application, hang your phone on your neck and never miss the call otherwise you could lose your chance :P keep your English speaking ability on high alert and get ready for a lot of CPA related questions.

Okay, you have filled the form and expecting a phone call. Please make sure to get prepared as the affiliate manager can ask any question related to CPA and your experience with other affiliate networks. If by chance you tell him that you never worked with any CPA network, then expect a Rejection immediately. You have to convince him that you are an expert internet marketer and have worked (and working) with a lot of other big groups)

Following are the questions he can ask from you:

"I want to know about your experience in affiliate marketing"

"which other CPA networks you have worked with"

"what are your favorite products to promote"

"what is your preferred promotion method"

"what other promotion methods you use to promote products"

"do you use incentive traffic"

"have you generated email list for a specific niche"

"why you want to join maxbounty"

Lets discuss these questions one by one.

-> If He ask you about your experience in CPA, you have to be very confident and say to him that you are doing affiliate marketing since a couple of years. You are very good in generating leads on email/zip submit offers and you have targeted audience for specific offers such as mobile/technology offers.

---> He will surely ask you about Affiliate Marketing and the Other CPA networks you have worked with or still working. Reply him that you already worked with Peerfly, wowtrk, market health, yeahmobi for mobile offers, clickbank and a lot other like jvzoo etc. You also have done teespring through facebook ads and generated good revenue from there.

---> If he ask you about your favroite product, you can say anything comes into your mind, such as health offers like Garcinia Cambogia etc.

---> He will ask you about your preffered promotion method, say him that you are expert in paid advertisement on facebook, bing, lead impact marketing. You can also drive search traffic from youtube and google through your own landing page. you have also generated an email list (for your favorite niche like health, make money online etc)

---> he will ask you about specific offers you are looking for, tell him that you have a lot of offers in mind, but specifically looking for health products because they converts very good for you.

---> If he ask you about incentive traffic, NEVER say Yes, just say him that you haven't done incentive traffic shit, you don't give incentives to your target audience.

> If you are confident enough to convince him, he finally can ask you why you want to join Maxbounty. Just say him you want to join maxbounty because you are facing lead shaving issues on other networks. Maxbounty is the most trusted network that's why I want to generate a good revenue though maxbounty and it will be a great business for both of us.

Thats it guys, please keep one thing in mind that your english speaking MUST be good enough to talk to any "Angraiz" on the phone. Don't hesitate and talk with confidence. Your confidence will let them observe that you are an experienced marketer or just pretending to be one.
Best of luck

Comments or contact me for any further information.


  1. Do you someone can register as a Nigerian and fill in with your real details... or are we also trusting on I.P changer here with another country Number

    1. You can Register as a Nigerian Sir, Remember you are Gonna pass through some verification Process before your account will be approved.


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