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How to get targeted traffic to your blog from Reddit

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"Do you know Reddit is an oldest and most popular social network formally social bookmarking site with Alexa (7) and 80% English people use Reddit in mobile and when someone posted on their subscribed subreddit or someone comments on their post they get notification like what we get at Facebook
and Whatsapp, They open and read notification even they buy it if interesting thing in news and we found on Amazon too and we linked our Amazon affiliate link and we get earning from Adsense too because of USA traffic"

So Lets Start: How to do it?
I will use Dog as an example.

1- Create Reddit Account.
2- Create Imgur Account.
3- Download 4-5 Dogs Images From Google Image and Post at Imgur.
4- Share Your Dog Images From Imgur To Reddit I Mean Put Imgur Link To
Reddit Link Post.
5- Be Sure Write Eye-Catching Title Like
"Red Dogs in Africa Is It True"
"Does Really Europen People Love Brown Puppies"
"Something Something"
Get Your Idea From Brain For Title Depend on Images you Downloads.

6- Select Subreddit "Aww' r/aww and every 8 minutes you keep post different things and puppies images with Eye-Catching Title.

7- When You Reach Post Karma "10" Leave Your Account for 2-3 Days to Build Some Trust That You are Returning User.

8- After 2-3 Days Also Try To Increase Comment Karma "Go to Videos Subreddit r/videos and Open Any Video From That Subreddit That Will Redirect You To YOUTUBE Copy That Video Any Interesting Comment From YOUTUBE and Paste at That Video Reddit Section, This Will Help You To Increase Comment Karma"
"Comment Karma Help Us To Build More Trust Otherwise Big Subreddit.
Moderators Are Very Strict They Can Ban Us.

9- When You Reach at Post and Comment Karma "10" Now Go To Or Any News Site Must Be in English Copy Latest News Url and Post at Subreddit "News' r/news Its Help You To Increase More Karma,
Because If You Want to Post Own Link So You Need At least 1k Karma Otherwise Moderators Consider You As A Spammer and They Ban You.

10- IF You Are Regular User of News Subreddit Moderators Allow You to Post Any News Anytime No Need to Wait 8 Minutes.

11- When You Get 1K Post Karma Comment Karma Can Be 100 No Matter But Comment Karma Help Us to Build Trust We are not Spammer.

12- Now Start Own News Blog Copy News From must be latest no one week old or you can copy from any other news ok website.

13- Be Sure There is no any word used for copyright like "we are BBC" "only at time news" "only for Forbes Users Otherwise it will harmful for Your Hard work, Be Sure Before Copy Read Complete News 3-4 Times.

14- News Should Be For Public Copyright Free Like.

15- Paste News at Your News Blog, Copy and Post Your News Blog's Latest News Url to Subreddit News r/news.

16- Keep Growing Keep Driving Traffic, In My View Don't Do Spamming One
Post One News in Morning
Post One News in Evening
Post One News in Night
That will be good For You to Build More Trust and Promotion for You News Blog.

That's all and wish you understand, if any problem? Contact me or drop your comments

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