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Top Websites to Find Free Images/Psd for your Blog

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Above all, searching for a copyright free images for use is a great problem for Especially new bloggers. There are millions of images on the Internet and some are free from copyright  issues, some are copyright, some are premium images of which you have to pay before downloading to use, and as a new blogger who have never earn anything from blogging you wont want to spend much because the minimum price for each images ranges between $5 to $30. The truth is that if You used a copyright materials in your blog then you have violated  Google’s image copyright policy and you will surely get  penalized because you deserved it. 
With this Problem that new bloggers often faced i sit down to researched  on how to get free images to use on your blogs without any copyright problems. And i found few numbers of websites  that offer free images on the Internet which you can use anywhere without violating any copyright.
Pictures from this websites can be use for commercial use or personal use.
Below are the list of websites to download free images from: 


Pixabay is  actually a bae, (lol) is one of the best websites that offer free stock photos  with  high quality images for your blogs. They have millions of  imagesand videos that are not copyrighted and are free to use by anyone. the most important part is that they offer  different types of free photos, vector graphics, videos, and illustrations. 


Picjumbo is the second in the list because they offer photos related to food, beverages, lifestyle and technology. This is more suitable for those in Lifestyle and food Niche.


Unsplash Make it to the Number 3 on the list It is another great place to get free high quality photos for your blog posts. they offer high quality images related to beautiful landscapes, mountains, rivers and something related to nature.
NOTE:attribution is required here.


Just as the name implies Freeimages,They are loaded with  hundreds of thousands of high resolution free images which are tagged  in different sets. They offer Quality images related to business and finance, lifestyle, nature and lot's more.
NOTE: attribution might be needed.
Unfortunately Freepik is the last on the list but they are also one of the best in providing free vectors, icons and PSD photos. They have hundreds of thousands of free images and PSD files.
NOTE: attribution is needed.

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