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New Method For Affiliate marketers To Promote Affiliate Product 2018

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Most people think making money Online is some spot only reserved for the hardest working, smartest and most talented Internet marketers and business owners.
 I will be showing you in this post the easiest way of Promoting affiliate product and earn over 100$ daily without owing a website or spending lots of money for traffic, Making money Online Promoting others product (Affiliate)  requires only 3 things:
1. A high-converting offer that is already making sales 
2. An audience interested in that offer; and 
3. A method to connect the audience with the offer!

There are over millions  of offers available to be promoted on different affiliate platforms like Click Bank, JVZoo and WarriorPlus,Cj,Affibank and a lots more.
The above mention affiliate Marketplace is what i have used and earn from them, There main payment method is Paypal, but Clickbank paid every two weeks via check or direct deposit to your bank account.

Clickbank for example offers so many products from different Categories which consist of Internet Marketing / Make Money Online ● Online Business / B2B Marketing ● Affiliate Marketing ● Email Marketing ● Home Business / MLM Opportunities ● Work at Home Programs ● Other Income or Investment Related Offers.
If you’re a total beginner, this method will put you 99% ahead of every other  affiliate competitors right from the moment you follow my instructions from the very first day. Even If you’re a guru affiliate marketer you are still going to find some interesting ideas you can adopt instantly to start seeing more cash and an immediate increases in your subscribers and sales from your affiliate offers you promoted !

All we need to start now is to open  Clickbank  HERE, and register a new account , make sure to fill your details correctly to sign up, don't forget to add how you will be getting paid your commission, now you need to click the market place at the top right hand side to choose offers you want to promote, then you click promote to get your affiliate link(hoplink), after getting your affiliate link now we are ready to promote this product via Youtube, Reason why i suggest Youtube is because it contribute 90% to my success in making sales for my affiliate marketing,
Now Signup for a new Gmail account, Fill the details with a Name that is relevant to what you want to promote. Now Visit, and make a search for the product we want to promote, see screenshot below.

The screenshot above shows the search result of "how to lose weight fast" and as you can see there are millions of views on this videos.
Our main aim here now is to try to get our affiliate link in the video description, so all we have to do now is to contact the channel owner with our offer.
Note: the video description must not contain any affiliate link before, just look for those without an already published affiliate link.
After opening the video, click on description to view the details of the video and to be sure no affiliate link is already present in it.
Now click on The channel Name to views the channel, navigate to the about which is at the end in the upper menu tab, like the screenshot below:
As you can see in the pics above, the first circle is the about, the second is the message button, and thirdly a link facebook profile attached to the channel. Most of the channels made their email available on their channels for business contact but some don't , this one above did not leave his mail available, so we either use the message button or use the Facebook link to reach him via Facebook.

Take a look at how those with email address attach to their channels look like for.

As the pics above shows that this channel leave their emails available for business inquiries, all you have to do to get the is just to click "view email address" and complete the pop-up captcha to view the email and you can now copy the email address.

Now that we have get a tons of email address to send an enquiry to asking them if they can place our affiliate link in their video description and will pay base on commission per sales.
What you should Know:

In the process of composing the email, you must be straight forward to the point, i strongly advice you never to expose it to them that is an affiliate product, Just tell them is a product you just launch and willing to make sale and pay a commission on every single sales, make sure every link you give should be a different shorten URL so you can know which among them is converting well, so you can know which campaign to stop promoting.

Apply other methods in your writing which can made them accept your request and stand a chance of making over 1000$ daily.

Have any questions to ask? have any complain?dont know what to promote? want us to help you in getting all this done? Just drop your comments or contact us HERE


  1. Nice......keep it up. dont involve in copy and paste

    1. Lol...thanks bro, I have never think of that.

  2. An affiliate marketing program is at times called an affiliate program, yet additionally might be alluded to as a compensation for-execution program or a partner program.affiliate agency

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  4. An affiliate marketing program is at times called an affiliate program, yet in addition might be alluded to as a compensation for-execution program or a partner program.

  5. On the off chance that you get a spontaneous email welcoming you to join an affiliate network and it's requesting a forthright installment, at that point you certainly need to investigate them and see if or not they're trick or genuine.

  6. Thanks big boss for this. Please I want to ask if ClickBank is now available to Nigerians as I couldn't find Nigeria in the accepted countries. I've got some premium courses on making money with ClickBank but opening an account there has been my problem.
    I'd be very grateful if you could show me how to open and operate a fully Nigerian ClickBank account as all those VPN methods often end in ban eventually.

    1. You can choose USA during Registration Sir.

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