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Why "Mirage Content" Could Destroy Your Website And Trust

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How many times it has happened to you after typing a question into the search box of Google, and the article you find is all creepy and disgusting? A lot of times, I know! You're thinking what the heck is Mirage Content? It's the content that looks cool on the surface, but when you go to its deep, you find, it's nothing.

The real difference is that the mirage content is written by the person who is not an expert at it, he just writes like a school essay. He has no experience in the field; someone has ordered him, he has to do its job. It's the reason many business owners say we write content, but our visitors don't convert into buyers. Because you're writing that can't impress, then why they will buy? Even you hire me for writing articles on fashion, cooking, and arts; I can't write quality articles because I don't have real experience in doing those things.

Even I can write, you'll never find the smoothness, parallelism, regularity in my articles. Do you need an example? See this picture HERE.

Look at the page which exists on the third page of Google which is a bad quality content. The person has no real experience in SEO if you try to read the complete articles. The article, right one, is written by the Backlinko founder. You will see the hidden talent that exists among the lines. Short,
precise, and interesting make the article more enchanting and appealing.

What does it mean?
It means if you want to work on a site; you must work on the niche about which you have strong knowledge and experience. Please don't follow the people. If you think, health niche earns more money, and you don't know a single terminology of health, then you're gonna succeed hardly.

Even you want to start; then I would suggest you watch videos on health, read books on it, download the colorful expensive magazine. Do it for a month, minimum for a week. If you have got time, you can download the videos from the official channel. For example, if you want to work on a survival niche, you can watch Man vs Wild.

If you need a quick solution, then hire the writer who has strong knowledge and vast experience in the field in which you want quality content that gets shared on the Internet.


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