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Learn How to be a PRO Content Writer for your website

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I don't Call my self a good writer and i will never do that because everyday i learn new things concerning my improvement in writing. I don't have the ability to write a life changing articles but i love to write in a simple words that my readers can understand without thinking twice.

Many writers especially bloggers thinks that to be a successful writer/blogger you must possess a Msc or Ph.d in English language, but i don't think that is relevant no matter what you want to write about. 

Every Internet marketers/bloggers  Knows About NEIL PATEL , Am a big fan of him, Reason is that he writes in very simple words that even an intelligent Primary school Pupils Can understand his content. My favorites post i usually visits is ''how to Start a blog that Generates $3817 a Month" on HemingWayApp 

One of the most important thing to consider first before writing is that  You are not writing for your self: Remember People come from different country to your articles in other to benefit from what you have for them, and all this people speak different language. So the simpler and Educative you write the more and longer they stay on your website, Google translator Must always be there on your blog.

I have a different way of Improving my writing Skills and am surely different from how others write because everyone has a different kind of brain so you can see learning way will surely be different.

First of all, in other to improve your English and writing skills You must have the Clear Concept of the following:

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1.   Part Of Speech: This is the Most Important Above all for all content writers especially bloggers that want to write a rich content for their readers, 80% of bloggers used  a spining bot to spin contents copied from another website, after spining it will be posted on his blog again and referred to it as unique content{ unique indeed}, Here is an example of how Part of speech can assist you in getting a rich content for yourself.

In the process of writing or rewriting an article, You see a words and you know is a now you can replace that word with another noun, if you know is an adjective you can replace with an adjective. For Example, I am happy (Happy is an Adjective) Now i found another word "delighted" which is also an adjective. Now i will say I AM DELIGHTED(HAPPY), As you can see an adjective has been Replaced by another Adjective).

Once you are certain in the concepts, Then you can go further in in reading articles on your favorite websites, so you can check which word is a noun,pronoun,verb,adverb,adjective,preposition. you can as well use Google.com when you are confused.

2.    Tenses: To be sincere with you all i took my tenses learning more serious than anything else, I memorized all the tenses with graphs by writing repeatedly and revising.

Although it was a bit little difficult and time consuming when i used to watch videos on youtube on every tense, for example , i faced problems for present perfect tense, i spent a few days to learn it.

3.  Active/Passive: Youtube was also my Saviour in this part , i learn a lot from English , Concerning this you will need a lot of practice that i will discuss later.

4.  By using Definite and Indefinite Articles: This is the most difficult part for me to learn, Because it feels so hard for me to know when to use (The,An and A). Because it has over 20 uses, but the most common and usefulness of it is to point out the specific thing.

To learn more on how to write an excellent article is to visit top website on your niche to know how they start an article, because many times , to start  an article is the most difficult task.

The sooner you tell people what you will share in the article , the more it shows a positive signal.  What you have to focus on when you visit a blog to study how they start the writing process.

1. Check the starting point.

2.  How they end the article.

3.  How images are often used.

4.  How headings are been used.

And lots more which includes the tags,categories and also visit copyblogger because they have a team of certified writers who write great contents. they often use some difficult words in every articles. its one of my favorite websites i visit frequently because i not a lot of phrases and clauses to note down for my articles.

Here Are other ways of which you can improve your writing skills and be a pro writer.
1.  Daily Writing: You can give yourself Few mins daily which can range from 15-30 mins daily to write on any topics. 

2.  Use Grammarly: Grammarly helped me a lot, Whenever i write a wrong sentences, it detects the error, then it lets me know, so i can head to Google to learn from my  mistakes. You can use the free account or you get a premium account of which you can use for 30 days HERE>

3.  Advanced Commands of Google: I often use Google Advanced Commands to detect the errors i made , most especially the words written within quotes"".

I have now come to the end of this post, i just wish this might be of help to you, in case you face any problem or you need my help, you can just contact me via the the contact us button at the  top or you click hereDont Forget to drop your Comments below

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