How To Make Use Of Keywords And Titles In Writing Articles

How To Make Use Of Keywords And Titles In Writing Articles

Several Newbies In blogging and content writing can find good keywords, but they don't know how to write articles on the keywords,A friend of mine was once like that, they don't know where to start from, what to write about this keywords? and many more. You know a keyword is a word that a person writes into the search box of Google or other search engines including social media networks for searching a specific thing. Suppose you find a keyword "robotics future", you will not make the title of the keyword as it is rather you will make it more effective and optimized so that people will be interested to click and read to see what you have for them.

You will find articles that have been written on the keywords via Google, be very focused in selecting the ones to visit on the search engines which links to the sites, make unique headings, write effective articles with good images, if you don't have idea on how to create your own images click here to get images free without any copyright Issues. Try to place your keyword as soon as possible in the title, URL, and the first paragraph of your article You can make a title like "Robotics Future: Everything You Need to Know" Try to keep the title below 55 characters. Try to make your title appealing to click. I am not saying you should do click bait, Be real In your Writing and authentic also in Grammarly. 

Make the title natural by yourself not a copy title from already posted Articles on the web which is already ranked in the searched engines. It doesn't matter how the boring the keyword is but just make sure is 100 Percent Low Competition Keywords which will be easy in the process of Ranking, but you can make an amazing title that would be SEO optimized and good. You can place [Pictures+Video] in your title or anything that can impress the people. It's not the universal rule, there are some keywords too where this rule doesn't apply.

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