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How to find keywords for your website/products for free

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Ranking Your website with a certain keywords is on of the most Problem so many bloggers have been facing, especially new bloggers and those that dont have knowledge about keyword researching, Low competition keywords simply means those keywords that are not Highly searched in search engines i means with low searches in search engines. 
Although it was 

Once said by an SEO guru few years that High competition = High Traffic While Low Competition + Low traffic.

There Are two different types of keywords which you must note down:
They are Short tail keywords and long tail Keywords.

SHORT TAIL KEYWORDS:Short tail keywords are been referred to as those search phrases in search engines with only one words. Their length makes them less specific than searches with more words. Example: "blogging tips". 

LONG TAIL KEYWORDS: long tail keywords is been referred to those keyword search phrases which the length can be  made up of 3-5 words. research shows They tend to have less traffic because they’re not as popular as short tails keywords.

“Long tail” keywords on the other hand, are less searched for in search engine but are more targeted to specific searches and has less competition.

There Are different Websites that offer Keywords researching both short tail keywords and long tail keywords, Although most of those Websites are premium, 

HOW DO I GET A KEYWORDS? tends to be the most simplest and easy  way of getting both long and short tail keywords, I have use google several times on different project both on keyword researching for my Blog, my youtube video, Affiliate Marketing to know how people are searching for the product i want to promote. I will take write in details on how to use google as a source of number one keyword research tool to get excellent result at no cost. 

1. GOOGLE.COM: google is the number 1 on list because is what  i use most, i have get excellent result using google to search for keywords. Below screenshot is how i get the keywords for my affiliate product i want to promote.
As you can see in the screenshot  the affiliate product i want to promote is HOW TO LOSE BELLY FAT. and it shows below my input keywords some suggestion of which it relates to what i search, Now i will copy the above suggestion, and will still continue with the searches till am okay with the result i want.

2.  UBERSUGGEST.IO: ubersuggest makes it on this list, i also use this specific websites when am actually targeting specific region, and most especially when using Youtube as the main source of targeting my audience. Ubersuggest provide almost thousands of keyword, but you just need to copy those you think it suits your offer.
Ubersuggest is free to use, you can as well downloads the keywords to your computer and or View as text and copy it directly.

3.   KEYWORDTOOL.IO:  lastly is one of the most used free keywords tool  because of it's features and results, 

the features includes seacrhes from Google,YouTube, Bing,Amazon,eBay, App Store, and you will get tons of results after searching,

There are so many more of them but this are the ones am conversant with , and i love using it, If any suggestion or contribution to this post, please drop your comments or contact us and will surely reply instantly if less busy. Please
 do share with others if you love reading this post.

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