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Understand the Google Advanced Commands, and How They Might Be Useful For SEO

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Everybody hates technical things to memorize, but if you have jumped into the ocean of SEO, then you have to do everything,

Let's come to the point.

1. site: www.yourblogname.com
Where Site = it tells Google we are going to search for a site: = No space whatever you write after that or before www.yourblogname.com = whatever the name of your website
or blog. If it is without www, don't write it with www. 

Why it's Used?

A) You can check all the URLs that Google has indexed.

B) You can check the duplicate content on your website.

C) Duplicate content or bad URLs can be removed from Google Webmaster (Console) 

2. site:.ng Nigerian
Where: .ng = You can write Site:.ng or Site:ng both are the same. It tells Google that only show the result that has .ng at the end of the domain.
Nigerian = It's your keyword which you want to be searched on such domains nairaland .ng. This keyword might be found in the title, url, and in the content.

Why It's Used?

A) Useful for getting a backlink on a specific domain as I explained in my previous SEO post the backlink you get on the same extension as you have got the domain, it gives a better ranking. ng links .ng = Good Impression.

B) You can search for specific articles on specific domains. For example, you can search Backlinks Making Method on Moz. Then you will write like this Site: Moz.com Backlinks 

3. SEO Tips filetype:pdf
Where: SEO Tips = Your keyword you want to be found on Google filetype:pdf= it tells which file you want to search. If you want to Pdf, then write Pdf, if Word file then write filetype:doc

Why It's Used?

1. Sometimes when you try to write an article, you don't find stuff. I make use of it, I find the content.

2. I used  this command to see the past of a specific exam that nobody found anywhere on the Internet
4. site:myschoolgist.com inurl:https
Where: inurl: It tells Google that show the URLs that have https.

Why It's Used?

Perhaps you're hearing so many dangerous news as you must get a https for your site i.e., SSL. After SSL implementation, a lot of people see that their traffic has dropped. It's a long topic why it's dropped that I will depict in the future SEO Episodes. The simple use is that it shows the pages which https URLs have been indexed in Google.
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