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Easy Way to Get High Authority Backlinks Free

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Getting backlinks constantly is all about building relationships that help to grow your traffic.
Make a list of authors in your niche whom you think they will give you an opportunity of guest post. You can check their past guest posts on their blogs.

I am here talking about the backlinks on the blogs that get real traffic, not that have only high DA PA: PBNs. You can check traffic via Similarweb. Some big authentic companies that offer backlinks services work on these principles, and charge 100 to 1000$ per backlink.
These principles work on developing relationship with them. How?

1. Find them on social media, and look for the account that you seem has less crowd of people, but they are active. Some are active on LinkedIn, Quora and Twitter. Do on crowded platform like Facebook too, but select maximum 2 platform except blogs.

2. Like their each post, and try to write a comment that doesn't show you want something. You need to show massive respect.

3. Don't ask for a guest post opportunity from the week one. Wait minimum 2 to 3 months. Bookmark all such authors so that you don't need to find again. It's better to waste them for them rather you do normally on social media.

4. Also comment on every epic post they write on their blog. Don't paise such a way, he can smell flattery. The easiest way is to find out the tactic he has explained in the article, then praise as per that.

5. Don't include the link of your blog in any comment otherwise it will look spam.

6. Don't worry if you fail. Repeat the process at least you are learning something.
Example: If you want to see real life examples, type on Google "Whiteboard Friday Rand Fishkin" Read or watch any of his Whiteboard Friday, and check how people are commenting.


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